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Visualization PLUS - More than just Visual Inspection

Innovative visualization solutions combine optical control with necessary repairs and thus ensure the best efficiency in maintenance. 

SCHÖLLY distinguishes itself by developing unique solutions for endoscopic applications in partnership with the customer.

Visualization PLUS is the new offering that stands for innovative solutions with extra functions.

The innovative solutions distinguish from classic endoscopy and combine visual inspection with necessary repair work.

In this way it is possible to carry out repairs cost-efficiently in situ under endoscopic view.

Visualization PLUS means repair without disassembly

A non-destructive test of machines and assemblies in the field of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) reveals information about internal damage, impurities, foreign objects or defects. Any necessary repair or maintenance jobs were so far linked to time-consuming disassembly and re-assembly of the system. Visualization PLUS solutions from SCHÖLLY not only provide images of the inspection, but also include the necessary repair tools in order to carry out repairs under endoscopic view. Your advantages in using Visualization PLUS solutions are: 

  • Time-saving procedures by using one system that combines visual inspection with the necessary repair work
  • No time-consuming disassembly / re-assembly is required
  • Higher system availability through reduction of downtimes
  • Documentation of the repair is possible
  • Shorter learning curve thanks to the possibility of 3D visualization, which provides a more natural vision

Visualization PLUS solutions are customized and adapted to each customer´s process and repair needs. SCHÖLLY develops manual or automated solutions. In addition to 2D, a 3D visualization can be put into practice. A major feature of Visualization PLUS solutions is the use of integrated tools and/or functional modules. These can be used for example for removing deposits, measuring defects, eliminating foreign objects, for positioning fluids or gases or for the repair of damaged components at hard-to-reach places.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Visualization and cleaning -
An example of a Visualization PLUS solution

Removing deposits inside machines or equipment with steerable endoscopy systems.

A steerable endoscopy system is a multi-unit system carrier that can be used to repair or work under endoscopic view. Different tools or functional modules can be integrated. With a high pressure nozzle for example, the system can be used for cleaning. In this way, persistent deposits inside machines and equipment can be removed without disassembly. With water pressure of several 100 bar, dirt can be removed reliably. Visualization takes place via a camera module and the corresponding LED illumination.

A guide tube (shown in the picture in white) helps to insert the endoscope. The actuation of the multi-unit system carrier is realized by means of a wire cable control. With a patent pending process, the stiffening of the movable segments is achieved. The endoscopy system can be controlled fully automated inside machines and equipment. Navigation through complex internal structures can take place by means of 2D or 3D visualization.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Visualization and measuring -
An example of a Visualization PLUS solution

Endoscopic inspection and exact size determination of defects, cracks or nicks inside components, machines or equipment.

Measurements inside components, machines or equipment can be carried out with the help of videoscopes with an integrated, highly accurate measurement function. During the visual inspection, an exact measurement is possible by using a combined inspection and measurement optics and structured light. With an evaluation software, defects in the range of 50µm to +/ -5µm can be exactly determined.

The videoscopes are deflectable in 4 directions. For cavities which are difficult to examine, side view versions can be implemented.