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Endoscopes from the producer - repeatedly proven

Our product portfolio offers suitable systems for all different kinds of applications. Whether you want to integrate them permanently into your production process or use them as portable solutions on-site, we offer borescopes and flexible endoscopes for quick spot checks alongside complete inspection systems for 100% serial inspections.

For your inspection tasks, we can provide you with devices with large or small diameters, flexible or rigid solutions and modular systems for changing inspection tasks. The ideal basis for various applications is the new camera system FlexiVision 100 with its two connecting devices. It can be combined with probes and also with current endoscopes and fiberscopes and provides first-class inspection results.

As a specialist in micro borescopes, we offer a wide range of borescopes and probes starting from 0.35 mm in diameter. Our product portfolio is rounded off by illumination products, software and monitors for optimum visualization.

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OEM Solutions

When our customers’ concrete application expertise is combined with our specialists' experience, broad technological know-how, and understanding of the possibilities that the future holds, the result is innovative solutions.

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Further information

Where are SCHÖLLY products used? What practical tips are there for the various areas of application? Find out more about this in our expertise area.

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Areas of application

Our endoscopes, inspection systems and customer-specific solutions support our customer‘s value creation
process in various industries.

A defective component which is examined with the help of an endoscope.

Application examples

Whether for manual spot checks or 100 % inspections – first-class inspection results will give you useful information about the internal condition of your components.

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Industry Report

A look behind the scenes: customer-specific developments, from requirements to practical use in an industrial environment.

3D Endoscopes


Our customers contribute their knowledge of the market; we offer a wide range of technologies for the implementation in marketable products.