The rigid universal borescopes from SCHÖLLY guarantee a maximum of flexibility due to their modularity but also highest robustness for the execution of a variety of inspection tasks with straight access as for example the visual inspection of bore holes, screw threads, hydraulic valves, cutting and casting tools

SCHÖLLY fiberscopes provide you an insight into parts, components or constructions without any straight access. Thanks to their flexible structure and their bending tip fiberscopes are perfectly qualified for inspection areas where turnings have to be overcome at first. The complex visual inspections in the hidden insides of hard-to-access areas as for example in constructions, equipment or complex parts and tubes can be done with fiberscopes easily, reliably and fast.

Universal Borescopes

Find out highest flexibility through the unique universality of the FlexiLux universal borescopes. All products of this series are equipped with the patented interchangeable objective system. Therefore these instruments are perfectly qualified for applications with changing requirements. The easy to snap-on and rotatable objectives and mirror tubes provide an all around view inside the test part. Inspect for example hydraulic valves, cutting and casting tools in best image quality easily and efficiently.

  • Diameter 4 / 5.5 / 8 mm






Universal Borescopes - Long Version

The universal endoscope with a shaft length of 650 mm is particularly suitable for the inspection of long bores and openings. The length of the endoscope shaft allows inspection from only one side. To change the direction of view, interchangeable objectives or rotatable objective tubes can be used, which also allow a all-round view in the test object.

  • Diameter 4 mm






HD Optics

The HD optics from SCHÖLLY provide the user with a very high image quality. The HD optics are available in diameters from 2.7 mm to 10 mm. They can be used for direct or indirect visual inspection. In connection with the FlexiVision 100, the Full HD-capable endoscopes deliver high-resolution inspection images.

  • Diameter 2.7-10 mm





Universal Fiberscopes

The FlexiLux universal fiberscopes are ideal for the examination and inspection of hard-to-access inside areas. The high flexibility allows complex visual inspections also in smallest working diameters. Due to the stabilizing and protective tungsten braid the fiberscopes are very robust and abrasion-proof even if the access is difficult and sharp-edged.

  • Universal Fiberscopes with diameter 3.2 mm, easy handling
  • Single-handed operation due to ergonomic handle and control levers with brake system 
  • Standard ocular- and light guide connectors
  • Robust image transmission systems with high resolution
  • 2-way tip-deflection
  • Transport case and light guide included
  • Robust and sturdy in use