visual inspection

VideosCopes and cameras for stationary or mobile Applications

Proven standard products of SCHÖLLY

The reliable videoscope solutions of the EZYSCOPE family ensure visual inspections without time-consuming and cost intensive disruptions of your production process.

SCHÖLLY’s Compact Camera is a stationary solution that is characterized by reliable test results and simple installation. It allows the usage of endoscopes to conduct visual inspections over PC or monitor.


The EzyScope mobile is a modern video endoscopy system especially designed for mobile use. Due to its compact and lightweight design it is easy and straightforward transportable and therefore usable in almost every application area. The integrated battery pack allows mains-independent inspections up to 3 hours. The clear and intuitive menu navigation guarantees quick and easy on-site inspections. The additional audio function enables you to record comments parallel to video recording.


Visual inspections and documentation of test results are getting more and more important for production processes. The increasing complexity during the manufacture of sophisticated components and products as for example aluminum castings require new examination systems for visual inspection. The EzyScope Set consisting of a videoscope with ergonomic camera head, an integrated high power LED light source, a stationary camera controller unit as well as a high-resolution 10” TFT monitor allows an analysis of the results of visual inspection on a high quality level. Furthermore the additionally available software MediaWorkStation permits to document and archive the test results easily. EzyScope enables you to make quick and reliable inspections on a high level and guarantees a comfortable handling due to its optimal designed camera head.

Compact camera

With an optimized image quality and an excellent color rendering our cameras are the ideal completion for optical SCHÖLLY products. For image and video recording as well as archival storage of your inspection results we offer you also the adequate software and video grabbing system.