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Endocoupler & Monitors

For displaying inspection results on a monitor/PC our inspection program is completed by different accessories suitable for micro and universal borescopes as well as fiberscopes.

Therefore SCHÖLLY offers a selection of different cameras, endo coupler and monitor. Arrange your own system individually.

Do you have any further questions about the product?

We would be happy to advise you personally or just send us a message to visual-inspection(at)schoelly.de



On the standard (BS) ocular of the micro and universal borescopes as well as on fiberscopes it is smoothly possible to connect endo coupler and therefore also further C-mount compatible components. SCHÖLLY endo couplers are suitable for all cameras with C-mount thread. The endo couplers are available as fix focus models with a focal width of 30 mm or as vario zoom model with a focal width from 18 mm to 50 mm for infinitely adjustment of the image size.

FULL HD Monitor 21.5"

A monitor size ideally chosen to the complete system as well as a number of monitor settings provide an optimized displaying of the inspection results and make the defect detection and analysis much more easier. The Full HD monitor is very well suited for connection to the FlexiVision 100.