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FlexiScope Probes

A varied range of probes for frequently changing inspection tasks

FlexiScope 2 and 3 probes can be combined with the FlexiScope 2 system and the FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece. The probes can be attached to the handpiece in seconds by means of a quick coupling. Because of the simple handling, the light weight of probes and connecting device, the system is suitable for quick spot checks but also for 100% control.

Ergonomic | Lightweight | Interchangeable

Characteristic for the FlexiScope probe program is the availability of small working diameters with different directions of view. With these features, places in miniaturized components or fine bore holes that are very difficult to see can be inspected. To protect parts from abrasion and wear, protective tubes are offered for the probes.

The FlexiScope 2 and 3 probes are part of a modular inspection system. As basic equipment for an operational system, you need the following components: FlexiScope 2 and 3 probes, FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece, the camera base unit FlexiVision 100 and a monitor.

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Flexible probes - for the optical control of drill holes in the millimeter range

The flexible FlexiScope 2 and 3 probes are especially suitable for inspecting hard-to-reach areas or particularly small drill holes.

Probe variety

  • 35 different standard probes (Ø 0,7 – 4,0 mm) in stock
  • Viewing directions from 0°-90° degrees
  • Probe lenghts between 150 and 425 mm
  • Special probes
  • Protective pipes
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Protection tubes for FlexiScope probes

With protection tubes you can protect FlexiScope probes from abrasion and extend their service life. Protection tubes can easily be attached to the probes.