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The FlexiVision 100 inspection system is a high-resolution endoscope camera for indirect visual inspection in production or maintenance. Compared to conventional industrial cameras, it offers a very high resolution in Full HD (1920 x 1080p). Thus small defects such as cracks, scratches or burrs in components can be easily identified.

FLEXIVISION® 100 in use
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Safe inspections in series production

The high-resolution endoscope camera is suitable for 100% inspections or for random samplings during series production. The Full HD resolution shows every detail. In addition to the Full HD resolution, inspection images can also be optimized with the aid of video algorithms. They highlight for example deviations in components and thus make inspection easier.

Endoscopy for miniaturized components

Due to the trend towards miniaturization, components are becoming more complex and more difficult to manufacture. The bores and cavities to be tested are often only a few millimeters in size. Therefore, fine probes are required for visual check.

SCHÖLLY offers a wide program of interchangeable probes in the diameter range 0.7 mm - 4 mm. These can be connected to the FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece via quick coupling. The lightweight design of the handpiece and probe is ideal for precise movements within small cavities.

Capturing test results for safety

In the case of borderline defects, the worker can document the test images with the endoscope camera. The images can be stored on a USB stick by pushing the foreseen button.

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Connecting existing endoscopes

If you use endoscopes or fiberscopes with DIN eyepiece, you can use them with the FlexiVision 100. Connect them via the HD camera head and benefit from the latest camera technology.

Latest camera technology for your quality assurance

The FlexiVision 100 inspection system helps to detect and document defects quickly and reliably inside the component.

With the FlexiVision 100 you ensure a consistently high inspection quality, can determine good and bad parts in the best possible way and minimize the risk of defective parts being delivered.

Product advantages FlexiVision 100

  • Clear and faster inspection with high-contrast Full HD images (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Video algorithms highlight features and help with decisions
  • SplitScreen: Reference images can be used for comparison on the screen
  • Wide variety of available probes, endoscopes and fiberscopes
  • Previously used endoscopes in combination with the high-resolution endoscope camera lead to a new inspection quality
  • Inspection images can be conveniently stored on a USB stick at the touch of a button and used internally and externally in the quality management system as required

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