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HD Camera Head

Connecting device for the FlexiVision 100

The HD camera head is a connecting device for the FlexiVision 100. All endoscopes with DIN ocular can be attached. With the HD camera head and the FlexiVision 100, current inspection processes can be taken to a whole new level. Endoscopes that were previously used for a direct visual inspection can now be attached to the FlexiVision 100 by means of the camera head and the functions of the new camera technology can be utilized. By using HD capable endoscopes, brilliant full HD images of the inspection can be created.

HD Camera Head

For all endoscopes and fiberscopes with DIN ocular

The HD camera head is 135 mm long, has a diameter of about 50 mm and weighs 220 g. All endoscopes and fiberscopes with DIN ocular can be used with the HD camera head. For illumination of the inspection object, an external light source is attached to the endoscope or fiberscope. 

The HD camera head is a part of a modular inspection system. For the basic equipment of a ready-to-operate system, you need the following components: HD camera head, an endoscope with DIN ocular, a light source with fiber optic light guide, the FlexiVision 100, as well as a monitor.

Attachment of endoscopes and fiberscopes

Simple and reliable

By pressing the two locks on the endocoupler of the HD camera head, endoscopes and fiberscopes with DIN ocular can be easily attached. A safety mechanism prevents unintended opening of the locks.

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HD camera head - combines your endoscope with modern camera technology

Smallest cracks or damages in components are not always detectable with a conventional endoscope. With modern camera technology, you can carry out the visual inspection comfortably on the monitor.

Full HD resolution

High image quality provides more details

The 1/3” CMOS image sensor of the HD camera head enables a full HD image rendering. Together with the camera base unit FlexiVision 100 and the corresponding probes with a rod lens system, the HD camera head delivers over 2 mio. pixels (1920 x 1080 pixels). Conventional inspection systems with PAL resolution, in contrast, achieve only 440k pixels. With the higher resolution in full HD, the inspection image is richer in detail.

Individually assignable function keys

Suited to your inspection process

The HD camera head has three function keys that can be individually assigned. These keys can be used to regulate the image display, to capture images or to navigate in the configuration menu of the FlexiVision 100.

Zoom and focusing

With no loss of image quality

The inspection image can be focused with the grey focus ring. Once it has been set, you can use the black ring for zooming without re-focusing (parfocal zoom). Due to the focal length of the optical zoom f=14.25 mm – 28 mm, the high image quality is retained even when zooming. In comparison to a digital zoom, where the selected image detail is extrapolated from the previous picture, no details disappear from an optical zoom because it enlarges the image detail mechanically and makes no changes in the high resolution.