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Customer support and technical service worldwide

We believe a consistent customer focus also means offering our customers high-quality services. Individual service packages that we define with our customers in the early stages of the development process along with the creativity, expertise, and the high standards of quality that our service professionals possess all guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Within our worldwide service network, we offer customers competent local assistance and support in their native language. As a result, we guarantee prompt and reliable service, uniform quality across the globe, and a matching price level.

Eine Mitarbeiterin, die ein Endoskop in ihren Händen hält.

EXCELLENCE INSIDE is part of our After Sales Service

Customers benefit from the process cycle in a modern company that operates in accordance with the highest standards. We not only repair and maintain SCHÖLLY products, but also offer an exchange program for endoscopes from other manufacturers or otherwise attractive terms for an upgrade to the latest SCHÖLLY quality. We carry out all repairs using original parts. Functionality and safety are tested using the latest technologies, such as optical measuring stations, helium-leak test systems, and devices for measuring electrical safety according to DIN / ISO standards.


SCHÖLLY Service worldwide!

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