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Energy / Power Plants

The goal of the operators of energy generation systems is to achieve maximum efficiency in reliable operation. In order to reach this goal, regular maintenance is necessary. Different inspection systems are required for the optical testing of different types of plants. Depending on the situation, SCHÖLLY offers tried and tested solutions or develops individual solutions together with the customer.

Observation of the combustion process

Getting maximum energy from a plant today demands clean and complete combustion at incineration plants of all kinds. Especially in trash incineration plants, where the material to be burned is inhomogeneous and thus differs in incineration characteristics, a visual inspection of the combustion process can help to utilize all resources ideally.
With actively cooled SCHÖLLY high-temperature endoscopes, which, according to type, can be used at temperatures up to 1,800°C, the combustion process can be observed for a short time or over several hours. The combustion process can be continuously optimized and adjusted.

Inspection of the heat exchanger

The degree of effectiveness essentially determines the efficiency of a combustion plant. Only flawlessly functioning heat exchangers, free of deposits, bring a maximum degree of eficiency. Deposits that are created by particles contained in flue gas can sink effectivity enormously. Prophylactic regular visual checks with a SCHÖLLY high-temperature endoscope can help to see deposits or corrosions at an early stage during running operation of the plant.

Observation of cleaning processes in nuclear power plants

Shutting down a nuclear power plant results in a great loss of earnings for the operator. In order to keep the loss at a minimum during servicing and maintenance, operators are looking to optical surveillance during the cleaning process of the fuel rods. The gaps between the fuel rods are cleared of deposits by means of a cleaning blade. The integrated optic enables a visual control of the cleaning process, which can then be carried out efficiently and quickly. Side-by-side with the customer, SCHÖLLY develops specific solutions that fulfill demands in a critical, radioactive environment.