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Quality assurance in production

Quality assurance brings economic advantage to manufacturing companies and at the same time contributes to their competitiveness. Mistakes seen early in the production process minimize follow-up costs considerably. Non-destructive optical testing of components and parts leads to an efficient testing process without measurably disturbing production procedure. Points difficult to view can be visually checked with little time spent and with no disassembly or even destruction of the test object. The optical inspection with visualization solutions from SCHÖLLY can be done as needed, manually or automatically.

Random sampling

For the quality assurance of a manufacturing corporation, constant quality checks of products take place by means of random samples. Components are checked either at special testing areas or directly on the assembly line for burr, residues, chips or surface defects. For the interior testing of parts, a non-destructive visual inspection is used. Depending on the access possibilities of the part, different borescopes can be implemented. Flexible borescopes are used for the inspection of hard-to-reach, angular paths to cavities. The tip of the borescope can be manually steered into the interior and thus gets an optimal all-round view. Rigid borescopes are suitable for components with straight access paths and very fine holes. When inspection objects must be frequently changed, the FlexiVision 100 with FlexiScope 3 inspection system is best. With its quickly changeable rigid or flexible probes with varying diameters, lengths and viewing direction, the system can be universally adapted to the testing demands.

Manual 100% control

100% quality control in production can take place automatically or manually. Manual 100% controls are carried out when the automated visual inspection is not economically or technically feasible. For the manual control, it is especially important to consider the ergonomic aspects of the inspection system. Lightweight construction and practical design in handling enable working without fatigue and thus improve job results regarding quantity and also quality. User-friendly and simple operation of inspection systems guarantee the satisfaction of employees. The FlexiVision 100 with FlexiScope 3 inspection system is ideal for manual 100% controls. With a lightweight camera head, the inspection probe can easily be handled for hours without fatigue. The operator can effortlessly switch probes by means of quick coupling when the optical inspection jobs change.

Automated visual inspection

For the automated visual 100% control, SCHÖLLY develops integrated solutions (inline testing) together with the user. For these, for example, special evaluation criteria can be set for the visual inspection. By means of image processing methods, the inspection objects are checked according to these criteria. Defective parts are automatically spotted and discarded.  AOI (automatic optical inspection) plays an important role for quality assurance in mass production.