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EXCELLENCE INSIDE in the entire range of technological possibilities.

SCHÖLLY is a professional partner for OEMs when it comes to developing customized visualization systems with state-of-the-art technology and innovative product features. Production, service, and regulatory compliance are included in our package for OEM customers. With a local presence around the world, we can provide expert contacts who will support you with complex legislation and country-specific authorization requirements. If you also consider our technical capabilities, we offer a unique advantage at SCHÖLLY. While our customers bring local market knowledge, we can supply a wide range of technology and take care of the realization into marketable products.

Visualization in harsh process environment

We develop and manufacture special visualization solutions for internal monitoring and inspection in critical environments in accordance with our customers' specifications.

Our borescope solutions are adapted to the conditions in question, be they temperatures of up to 2,000°C, high pressure, aggressive chemical substances, or highly dusty or damp environments, and are transferred to serial production according to the requirements.

Our modules are used in camera systems for the monitoring of fireplaces (Furnace Monitoring) or for combustion diagnostics (Combustion Diagnostics).

Specially designed and customized light guides and optical systems allow for applications in radioactive environments.

Multiple optics / polypsystems

Multiple optical systems make it possible to simultaneously inspect a number of areas within a component, thereby contributing to process efficiency. Polyp systems with up to 20 thin usually flexible or semirigid borescopes allow to view an object from various perspectives during optoelectronic inline controls. In addition, the results can be evaluated quickly and easily by attaching an image-processing system. These systems are used to inspect complex components in mass production and for safety applications.

Probe variety

There are many visual inspection applications, and they are put to use in a variety of different industries and for different tasks. This is reflected in the wide array of probes that are needed, all of which are defined by different parameters. The aspects that can be tailored to specific needs include, for example, a probe’s length, its viewing direction, image angle, depth of field, and the materials used, not forgetting the design type (flexible, semiflexible, or rigid). We give consideration to this diversity in our standard program by optimally balancing availability and frequency of use.