Remote Support via internet

Citrix® GoToMeeting® (http://www.gotomeeting.de/) is a simple, fast and secure solution to prevent online meetings in small groups with up to 15 participants or to participate in this. With GoToMeeting it is easily possible to hold meetings, to present information, demonstrate products and collaborate online.

The patented technology can display any running application on the desktop in real time. The setup takes only seconds and there is no training or maintenance necessary. GoToMeeting is an easy to use online meeting solution that is currently available.

GoToMeeting is a secure online meeting product that is currently available. In line with the industry standard SSL and 128-bit AES encryption standard by the U.S. government that credentials and meeting sessions are safe at all times. (Source: CITRIX sheet).

With this selection, you can participate in a meeting initiated by our organizers meetings.


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Data Transfer with cryptshare

Cryptshare is a simple solution for secure business to business file transfer in form of a dedicated web service that has been developed especially to exchange large files up to a size of 4 GB.

For every transfer cryptshare generates a dedicated user link and passes it to your recipient. By clicking the link and entering the agreed passcode, the recipient automatically starts the decryption and download of the file via a secure connection. The files reside on the cryptshare server for transmission and are automatically deleted after a pre-defined interval.

During the upload, the target file is fully encrypted on the cryptshare server. When the upload is completed, the recipient will automatically be notified by e-mail. so they know to collect the file, where and how long they have before it is deleted.


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