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EXCELLENCE INSIDE can be found in each of us

What distinguishes Schölly employees, in addition to their professional qualification, is the enthusiasm with which they go to work. We promote this attitude with our philosophy of valuing each individual equally and of learning by doing – both from and with others.

It follows that we look for a healthy combination of experience and curiosity when recruiting employees at Schölly. No matter whether someone is an engineer, a foremen, a skilled worker, an apprentice, a project manager, or a technical expert – everyone makes an important contribution towards fulfilling our goal to offer EXCELLENCE INSIDE. At the same time, we benefit from cooperation with partners and operators all over the world, who in turn are instrumental in the continuous improvement and development of Schölly products.

Male and female apprentices from SCHÖLLY.

Pupils / Apprenticeship

Trainees at Schölly make an important contribution to the development of the company. They are the generation of tomorrow. For this reason, trainees are involved in responsible tasks right from the start. They can rely on having challenging tasks and that we listen to their ideas.

Our apprenticeships

A group of professionally experienced employees of SCHÖLLY.

Job offerings

Respect and trust are fundamental principles of our collaboration at Schölly. This confidence is demonstrated by everyone’s freedom in organizing their workday, the awareness of the responsibility shared by everyone in the company, and in the long job tenure within our workforce.

Our job offerings

A group of students at SCHÖLLY.


For years we have been working successfully especially with engineering students. Every year, topics in areas closely connected with our products or industrial production are available for final papers and practical semesters.

Information for students
SCHÖLLY employees at a successful team meeting.

Schölly as an employer

Flat hierarchies and clear areas of responsibility on the one hand, together with a high level of participation and personal responsibility on the other, characterize the working environment at Schölly, both in Germany and internationally.

Working at Schölly