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OEM Products: Our expertise behind your good name

Our OEM products are the perfect addition to your medical technology range. We offer several design options to help you match the look of the visualization products to your brand. The products are also already registered for sale in many countries.

Camera systems from the OEM manufacturer

SCHÖLLY consistently relies on new technologies in the development of its camera platforms. The principle here is to offer users both the best image and more image information for the relevant application. As an OEM manufacturer, we rely on our experience of making the hidden visible, our pioneering spirit and our innovative strength.

With our FlexiVision camera platform, you can choose from different cameras with 4K UHD or Full HD resolution. The controllers can be combined with different camera heads.

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Endoscopes from the OEM manufacturer

SCHÖLLY is proud of its experience as an OEM manufacturer of optical systems. We have produced the highest number of 3D endoscopes and cameras in HD resolution worldwide. We also incorporate this experience into the development and production of our 2D endoscopes and camera systems in 4K resolution. This gives you technologically high-quality endoscopes that have been tried and tested in terms of performance and durability for your brand.

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Light sources and light guides from the OEM manufacturer

Light sources are a key component in minimally invasive surgery. They bring the required light inside the body and can illuminate the tissue or organs to be examined at different wavelengths, depending on the application.

As an OEM manufacturer, we place great importance on natural color rendition and a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) for operations under white light when developing our light sources. In the near-infrared range, the focus is on creating the correct wavelengths.

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Technical specifications subject to change without notice. The information is not legally binding. The content is intended solely for information about our products. No part may be copied or reproduced in any form. Medical devices may only be used and marketed in countries in which approval has been granted by the relevant authorities. Please contact us for information on existing market access.