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Near infrared fluorescence imaging system

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About NIR FI

Surgery in the near-infrared light spectrum is a variant in minimally invasive surgery. For these operations, a visualization system is used that displays the enrichment of a fluorescent solution such as indocyanine green (ICG) on the screen.
SCHÖLLY has developed a system for this purpose, where the user can switch between three NIR FI modes in addition to the white light display.

NIR FI Green mode

A black and white image with a green overlay is displayed on the monitor through special filtering. The blood circulation of an organ or vessels (e.g. bile ducts) can be displayed.

NIR FI Intensity mode

Here, the background image is black and white; the overlay is displayed in the color ranges blue to yellow. Yellow indicates a high ICG concentration, blue areas have a low concentration. Lymph nodes, for example, can be detected particularly well in this mode.

NIR FI Contrast mode

This depiction shows the structures in even greater detail and without distracting background information. If no fluorescence solution arrives, no fluorescence response is given. The area therefore remains dark. This mode provides even clearer information on which structures have strong blood flow.


The following products are intended to be used as a system for NIR FI applications and cannot be combined with NIR FI products from other suppliers.

FLEXILUX® NIR FI laparoscopes

NIR FI quality – in 10.0 mm diameter

NIR FI laparoscopes in 10.0 mm Ø: available with different directions of view; for laparoscopic applications in white light and in the near-infrared light spectrum.

FLEXIVISION® NIR FI Camera Control Units

NIR FI quality – in 4K UHD or Full HD

For NIR FI applications, choose between a control unit with 4K UHD or Full HD resolution, each with video or image capture and multi-connectivity.

FLEXIVISION® NIR FI Full HD camera head

Camera head for NIR FI applications in Full HD quality

For laparoscopic applications in white light and near-infrared light spectrum; compatible with FlexiVision NIR FI 4K UHD and NIR FI Full HD controllers. With parfocal zoom, illuminated buttons and separate endoscope lock.

FLEXILUX® NIR FI LED light source and light guide

LED light source for NIR FI applications and high CRI for white light applications

With NIR laser for optimum ICG excitation, auto light control in conjunction with the NIR FI controllers, multi-light-guide connection and virtually silent. 4.8 mm diameter light guide as specified equipment for NIR laser applications.

NIR FI system

A visualization system for your market

Focusing on the features relevant to an endoscopic NIR FI application.

A visualization system with potential

Fluorescence imaging technology has the potential to change the way many surgical procedures are performed. By adding this system to your MIS portfolio, you can quickly and easily gain market shares. Convince hospitals of the good performance of this visualization system with a comparatively low investment and contribute to our mission to make NIR FI standard in healthcare.

Customized design

We offer different design options for the products purchased from us. This allows you to match the appearance of the system devices to your brand. The products are produced with your logo or your chosen design to support your brand.
Setting this up in our production process takes time. A detailed agreement between you and our sales team is crucial for joint success.

Global registrations

Our standard products are already approved in many countries. Taking over these registrations will save you considerable time and expense, and allows you to start selling more swiftly. If you want to register under your own name, we can supply the necessary documentation – or take over the entire registration process as a service for you.

Technical specifications subject to change without notice. The information is not legally binding. The content is intended solely for information about our products. No part may be copied or reproduced in any form. Medical devices may only be used and marketed in countries in which approval has been granted by the relevant authorities. Please contact us for information on existing market access.