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Products made by WOM

Perfectly coordinated products offer a wide range of innovative device technology - and therefore a wide range of possible applications in the operating room.

The products shown here are part of the endoscopy tower cooperation between WOM and SCHÖLLY and can be purchased from WOM.

Multi-Indication Pump

Thinking ahead: Four devices in one

  • Laparoscopy
  • Arthroscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Urology

Resource-saving, simple, innovative

Different pump systems have been used for each indication up until now. This means hospitals increasingly face problems pertaining to training time and effort, as well as logistics.
The Multi-Indication Pump facilitates everyday routine hospital activities. Key parameters are seen at a glance, allowing for quick and correct actions by personnel. Clinical tests have shown that the device – with all four indications – can be operated with confidence after just one training session.
Stringent safety measures reliably prevent overpressure in the application area. Each device is the culmination of over 40 years of expertise and experience in the field of developing pumps.

Patient safety 

The pump can be used with up to four indications. Each indication can be unlocked individually as well as combined with one another. The automatic instrument recognition optimally adjusts the pump to the instrument to be used. A transponder in the tube ensures the highest level of patient safety and maximizes pump output. The device is also equipped with a vacuum pump for suction, a 5.7” touch screen display, and an optional foot switch. The pump is designed for more than 15 languages.


One device, two functions

It’s powerful, it’s convenient. With a built-in vacuum pump, the new LAP-Pump combines irrigation and suction functionality in one device ‒ which makes it the device of choice for minimally invasive surgeries.
A suction and irrigation volume of 2 l/min and a pressure performance of up to 450 mmHg when irrigating enables the irrigation of fluid into and removal of fluid from the abdominal cavity. The LAP-Pump reacts to our Radio frequency identification (RFID) protected tube sets and ensures proper use. If used improperly, the pump automatically locks and irrigation is not possible.
The compact design enables use for pole mount or OR trolley. With all these features, the LAP-Pump is the result of more than 40 years of experience in the development of medical pumps.

Made for easy handling 

The well-being of patients and the optimal work environment for the clinical staff are in the foreground in the operating room. Equipment must be reliable with an easy setup and use. The LAP-pump combines it all. Its design is reduced to the essentials and the tube sets can be inserted with one hand in three simple steps.

Innovative: the accessories

RFID protected tube set minimizes misuse as well as overuse and therefore increases patient safety. With uncomplicated tube set connection, setup of irrigation and suction tube set is safe and reliable. A vacuum tube is the only other accessory needed, which prevents the contamination of the device through a built-in filter. Best practice in laparoscopy.

50 L-Insufflator

Multi-mode Powerhouse

  • Three additional modes – Bariatric, Pediatric and Vessel Harvesting
  • 50 liter per minute performance
  • Gas heating – reusable and disposable

50 lpm performance in the operating room

The 50 L-Insufflator with extra modes for minimally invasive surgeries to deliver the performance needed – even under challenging conditions such as obesity of the patient – to maintain a stable pneumoperitoneum.

In pediatric or vessel harvesting mode, the insufflator adjusts according to the different anatomical requirements.

Another plus for all surgical procedures is its ease of use. The 50 L-Insufflator has a color touchscreen for a high degree of user-friendliness.

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